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The church

The church was built in 1566 on a pre-existing building by the will of the prioress Sister “Maria del Carretto” and it was completed in 1596. The building suffered considerable damage due to the Anglo-American bombing of 1943.

In July 2014 the last Dominican nuns left the monastery and since then the building has been entrusted to Palermo’s Curia. The property belongs to the State, specifically to the FEC (Fondo Edifici Culto).

The church was famous for the beauty of the sepulchres that were made during the holy week, during which the famous "tila", by G. Patricolo, was exhibited.

Online guide of the church


open every day

from 9,30 am to 1,30 pm

and from 3,00 pm to 19,00

For informations about the entrance fee,

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Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 6 pm.

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